Thursday, 20 September 2018
Package Net NonStop

Net Nonstop packages offer 3 option to choose which better fits you.

NonStop 2H $0.25 Unlimited 2 H NNS2H
NonStop 6H $0.50 Unlimited 6 H NNS6H
NonStop $0.75 Unlimited 24 H NNSF
NonStopSemana $5 Unlimited 7 days NNSS
NonStopFulan $20 Unlimited 30 days NNSF

- To start using a TT Internet package, turn off your data and then on again.
- These packages are available only for Pre-Paid service.

How to subscribe:

You can acquire these packages through the following methods:

  • Send [Package Name] to 8302 (Ex. Type NNSF and send to 8302)
  • Dial on your mobile phone *#103*2*3*5#
  • Visit any Timor Telecom shop
  • Through TT Live portal
  • Call 172

How to Check Plafond:

To check your plafond can be done through the following methods:

  • Send SMS with [CVNNSL] or [CVNNSS] or [CVNNSF] or [CVNNS2H] or [CVNNS6H] to 8302
  • Visit any Timor Telecom shop
  • Call 172

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