Friday, 19 April 2019
Diak Loos Plan

Plan only for students

Now free for 2 months.

Free campaign is valid in the first activation of the Diak Loos plan. To use the free campaign you need to keep your Sim card in active state.

Diak Loos plan offers data, calls and sms within the Diak and the Diak Loos communities:

  • 90 minutes
  • 90 SMS
  • 10 MB
Daily rate is $0.25 only.

By subscribing the Diak Loos plan, you will also get a 50% balance bonus in your first top up of every month, which you can spend as you wish within a period of 6 months. The maximum amount of the bonus is $10.


Communication type Recipient Rates within Diak group (Diak+Diak Loos) Rates for communications outside the Diak group (Diak+Diak Loos)
Calls TT Mobile $0.12* $0.14
TT Landline $0.14  $0.14
Other mobile networks $0.19 $0.19
SMS To the TT network $0,05*
To other networks $0.07
Data $0.04/MB*

*These rates apply after one’s daily credit for Diak and Diak Loos communities is over.

- Communications are charged per second after the first minute. The first minute is indivisible.

You can subscribe this plan:

  • At any Timor Telecom store


What is TT Diak Loos?
TT Diak Loos is a new Timor Telecom plan, specially thought for students, which allows TT Diak Loos members to communicate to their TT Diak Loos or TT Diak friends at only USD 0.25 per day. This daily fee is charged automatically, 24 hours after joining the plan or after renewing it.

Do I get free calls, free SMS and free Internet on my mobile?
Yes. Once you pay the daily fee of USD 0.25 you get 90 minutes of free calls and 90 free SMS to friends who have also joined TT Diak Loos or TT Diak, and also 10MB of free Internet. To check your balance, simply dial *#102*3*6#.

What happens if I don´t pay USD 0.25 per day?
By joining the plan, the first day is free. After your first day, TT will charge USD 0.25 per day. If your balance is not enough to pay the daily fee, you can still receive and make phone calls, these being charged according to the base price.

What is the balance bonus?
When you join TT Diak Loos plan, you gain access to a campaign that offers you a bonus of 50% on your first top-up of the month, which can be used as you wish within 6 months. The bonus has a maximum value of USD 10.

How can I join this plan?
To join this plan, you can simply go to a TT store with your poll card (or Passport) and your student card/ registration proof of your School or University; both documents must be valid. This plan is valid for one year and you can renew it every year.

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