Wednesday, 24 April 2019
Kokonaba Plan

Win prizes by receiving lots of phone calls!

Kokonaba plan was designed for people who get a lot of phone calls, as for each TT phone call received, clients win $0.01 bonus.

The more phone calls you receive, the more bonuses you will get! You can accrue up to $0.70 per day.

Your bonuses will only be credited to your balance once you top-up your phone again, being this credit dependent on the amount of your top-up, i.e., if your total bonus is higher than your top-up, you will receive the same amount of your top-up, only.

Bonuses accrued can be used for phone calls and SMS within the TT network and also for Mobile Internet on your phone.

To check your total bonus, dial *#102*3*7#


Communication typeRecipientPrice
Phone calls TT Mobile $0.16
TT Landline $0.16
Other mobile networks $0.19
SMS To the TT network $0.06
To other networks $0.08
Data $0.04/MB

- After the first minute, communications are charged per second. The first minute is indivisible.

You can change your plan to Kokonaba, by doing either of the following:

  • Going to a Timor Telecom store
  • Sending an SMS reading “KOKO” to 8889
  • Quick menu: *#102#
  • Dialling 105

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