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Timor Telecom unveils new image
Monday, 22 February 2010 19:46

Timor Telecom announced yesterday, the 22nd, its new image: a modern brand, which symbolizes a new era of a national telecommunications company.

"It is a shift towards closer to Timor Telecom of its customers," said Manuel Amaro, CEO of TT. "The new brand reflects the commitment, innovation and effort in Timor Telecom's strategy of quality, growth and development of communications services in our country for the benefit of the Timorese population."

According to the company the new image of TT is much closer to the people, culture and country, asserting itself as a young, modern and innovative Timorese company. The blue is chosen as "a cheerful and bright colour, symbolizing the bright future of the company and its customers."

The new brand was officially launched at a dinner presentation in Dili, with the presence of various figures of the state, society and the diplomatic corps in East Timor.

The President of East Timor, José Ramos-Horta, attended the ceremony and accentuates the bet that TT did in East Timor, when he went for an international tender launched by the East Timorese government and the effort that the company has done to develop the telecommunications in East Timor.

With the new image, was also launched the new website of Timor Telecom. At a time when the TT is betting a lot in the Internet services, this is a modern and functional website, to better serve and inform its customers and those who, anywhere in the world, want to know TT.

Another great moment of this new phase of TT will be the launch of third generation services in East Timor, already in late March. It will be possible to exchange pictures and videos between phone and access the mobile Internet through a computer or mobile phone in any place where there is 3G coverage.

In this new phase of the company, the year 2010 is marked by massive investment in telecommunications in the country: 82.3% population will be cover by 2G and 44.7% will be cover by 3G by the end of the year. Only investment in the network, between 2009 and 2011, will be approximately 35 million dollars.

Next Saturday, the 27th, TT also organizes a big concert for the population, with bands such as 5 do Oriente, Rock Alegre, Dejukdil / Diocese Band and Gembel. The gig has free admission has free admission and will take place from 16h in the field of Democracy in Dili, in order to celebrate the launch of the new brand.

President of East Timor, Mr. Ramos Horta

Eng. Manuel Amaro during the presentation of the new brand

TT´sCEO Eng. Manuel Amaro, TT Group Administrator Eng. Luis Avelar and Media and PR Advisor Manuel Carceres during the press conference

CEO Eng. Manuel Amaro and Group Administrator TT Eng. Luis Avelar

Human Resources Ms. Isabel Nolasco and CEO Eng. Manuel Amaro

Priest João de Deus receiving the check to the orphanage Sao Paulo

Dinner Presentation TT´s new brand