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Supplementary Services

USSD Supplementary Service

USSD is a quick menu that enables clients to access various features on their mobile phone at any time. We offer two different services, both free. Services *#102# and *#103# allow to access to these following services:

  • Change language
  • Change plan or profile
  • Check balance
  • See and join any promotional campaign available
  • Join any Voice, SMS or Internet package plan
  • Use KreditLai and Fo Pulsa services

Service *#102# Dial *#102# and click OK.
1.Change language 1.Tetum | 2.Portuguese | 3. English
2.Change Plan 1. VIVA | 2.Toke Livre | 3.TTDiak
3.Saldos 1.Campaigns | 2.Plafond | 3.Gratis | 5.Kokonet | 6.TTDiakLoos | 7.GratisK | 8.MegaBonus | 9.NetLor2on
4.Promotions and Other Services 1.Campaigns | 2.Packages | 3.Services | | Access free Portal TTLive.tl
Access free Portal TTLive.tl www.ttlive.tl

Service *#103# Dial *#103# and click OK.
1.Campaigns 1.Aiii BeikXa! | 2.BeikXaSLite | 3.BeikXaLite | 4.BeikXaSPlus | 5.BeikXaPlus | 6.BeikXaFulanPlus | 7.HappyFast | 8.HappyHour | 99.Outras | 9.Happy Day | 10.HappyNight | 11.HappyNightWeekly | 12.HappyNightMonthly | 13.HappyLateNightMonthly | 99.Outras
|14.HappyNightMonthly | 15.HappyDay | 16.HappyWeekend | 17.HappyWeekendMonthly | 18.HappyWeek | 19.HappyMonth | 20.HappyMonthPlus
2.Packages 1.TTFun - Min. to all National Mobile Networks 1) 12min: 1USD: 3 days | 2) 40min: 3USD: 7 days | 3) 70min: 5USD: 10 days | 4) 100min: 7USD: 15 days | 5) 150min: 10USD: 30 days
2.National SMS 1) 20SMS: 1USD - 15 days | 2) 65SMS: 3USD - 30 days
3.Internet 1.Daily | 2.Weekly&Biweekly | 3.Monthly | 4. Social Networks | 5.NetNonStop
3.Services 1.Base | 2.Change mode data package | 3. Change Internet max. speed |4.Change Language | 5.Change Plan 1.Base
1.KreditLai | 2.FoPulsa
2.Change mode data package
1. Without automatic renovation | 2.Automatic renovation
3. Change Internet max. speed
1. 32K | 2. 64K |3. 128K | 4. 256K | 5. 512K | 6. 1M | 7. 2M | 8. 5M | 9. 10M | 10. No Limit
4.Change Language
1.Tetum | 2.Portugues | 3. English
5.Change Plan
1. VIVA | 2.Toke Livre| 3.TTDiak
Access free Portal TTLive.tl www.ttlive.tl

Fo Pulsa

This service allows credit transfer from one pre-paid mobile customer to another pre-paid mobile customer via mobile phone.

Use this service:

First time use of Fo Pulsa service
  • The first time access to Fo Pulsa service will have to be done through the interactive service by dialing 121.
  • Customers will be asked to make up a PIN to access.
  • Afterwards customers can make changes to the PIN code by dialing 121.
Interactive Dial
  • Dial 121
  • Customers will be guided on how to make credit transfers.
Block Dial
  • Customers can make credit transfers, by dialing the following elements and press call button:
    121 + PIN + Number to transfer credit to + amount to transfer
  • PIN code should have 4 numbers.
  • Example: 12112347726698510 (Transferring 10 USD to number 77266985 using PIN 1234).
Transference by SMS
  • To transfer the Pulsa, send a SMS to 8302, just like the following example:
    “FO77XXXXXX5,25” (Transfer 5 dolars and 25 cents to the mobile number 77XXXXXX, valid for the transferences that don’t have PIN) or
    “FO78XXXXXX2,5YYYY” (Transfer 2 dolars and 50 cents to the mobile number 78XXXXXX, valid for the transferences that have PIN YYYY).

  • This service is available for all pre-paid mobile customers
  • The activation of this service is automatic
  • Both cards involved in the transfer must be in the active state
  • A balance transfer does not change the life cycle of the two cards involved
  • A balance transfer has a maximum and minimum transfer (Minimum = $1 and Maximum = $50)
  • The Pulsa Fo service is free

Call me

The Call Me service allows pre-paid customers to send a call request to another TT number of their choice, when they are out of credit. The client has 5 free Call Me everytime you make a top up or a KreditLai service. The 5 free Call Me can only be used when you have the balance below $0.10. For the customers with a balance more than $0.10 or that exceeded the 5 Call Me will be charged the cost of $0.02 per Call Me.

Use of the service:

  • To make a Call Me request the customer should dial the following numbers:

    8888 + destination number (eg: 888877254800)

  • Press the Call
  • The destination number will receive an SMS with the call request, according to your language:
    • “O número 7266985 pede para lhe ligar."
    • “The number 7266985 is asking you to call."
    • “Numeru 7266985 husu ita atu liga ba."

Kredit Lai

Kredit Lai allows pre-paid customers to get a $1 credit when their balance reaches a value of less than $1.

Use of the Service:

  • To receive the credit the customer simply needs to send an SMS with "KL" to 8300 and will immediately get the credit for $1 and a confirmation of this request.
  • When the customer re-charges the phone it will be discounted $1 in debt.
  • This service is free if the customer recharges the SIM card with a minimum of $1 over a period of 24h after the credit request. If this does not occur, this service will cost $0.15.
  • Example: For a credit request made on 20th of October and recharged $2 at 2pm on the 23rd of October at 6pm: the balance charged to the customer will be $1.15.
  • This service is valid for customers with active SIM card over 6 months.

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