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Timor Telecom launches TT Elite Athletes Team
Sunday, 24 March 2013 01:19
Timor Telecom´s Presence in Athletics and Cycling modalities

Timor Telecom launches TT Elite Athletes Team and gives kick-sporting year for 2013

In an action unprecedented and unique, Timor Telecom (TT) features the team of TT Elite Athletes, a group of sportsmen and women formed by the best and most promising modalities of Timorese athletes in Athletics and Cycling.

TT has decided to start this strategic sponsorship to young athletes, aiming to diversify and consolidate its presence in sport, apart from football. The TT Elite Athletes  team has Augusto Ramos Soares and Juventina Napoleon, both are Olympic athletes in Marathon, and António Martins, Jacinto Da Costa, José Araújo and Orlando Da Costa, in the National Cycling Team.

Modality Elite TT      TT Elite Athlete
Athletics Augusto Ramos Soares
Juventina Napoleão
Cycling António Martins
Jacinto Da Costa
José Araújo
Orlando Da Costa

The TT Elite Athletes is a solid team of young Timorese athletes with strong potential and recognized in the international arena that TT associates in its strategy to support those that reflect the talent, perseverance, creativity, effectiveness, the value and competitiveness. With this strategy, TT aims to encourage the sport at national level, also helping to bring the world the name of the best, creating a network of "ambassadors" of the brand they represent the colors of Timor abroad.