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Timor Telecom 11th anniversary
Monday, 21 October 2013 17:56
Press Release

Timor Telecom 11th anniversary

Dili, 17 October 2013

After 11 years in Timor, which are marked today, Timor Telecom – the biggest telecommunication operator in Timor-Leste – is a solid and dynamic enterprise which has overcome several challenges and has stood by the Timorese people in their own course after the Restoration of Independence. Today, an absolute leader within the Timorese market, TT holds a network extended to every district, offering extra maturity, better quality, capacity and reliability and covering the whole Timorese territory and population – 94% of the territory covered by mobile network and internet through 163 2G sites and 76 3G sites. Also noteworthy is the quality of TT human resources, who besides highly qualified are continuously taking part in professional training and development actions. Today TT comprises 530 Timorese staff members, thus being the major private employer in the country.

Moreover, TT is also a leader in what comes to innovation, customer service, distribution network and social responsibility, standing out for the closeness it builds everyday with the Timorese people. Within the celebration of its 11th anniversary, TT is launching several promotional campaigns and initiatives in order to offer a better service to all its clients:
  • During the whole month of October, TT will launch a promotional campaign consisting of reduced international call rates, valid for Indonesia, Australia, Portugal, China, the Philippines and many other countries and also 50% off in international sms;
  • The 17th October Campaign: a 100% bonus for every TT calls and sms for clients who top up their cards on that day. This bonus will be valid for 7 days.
  • SIM Card Price Reduction. Sale price will be reduced from $2 to $1, still with the same $1USD initial credit offer for mobile pre-paid SIM cards. It also includes 5 minutes for voice, 10 SMS and 1MB.
Throughout the years, TT has invested in technologic innovation with the aim of responding to the needs of its broad client database, offering a set of innovative products and services to the various consumption levels: innovative plans and packs according to the needs of each client (Toke Livre, Diak, VIVA and TT Fun); for the enterprise market - Cost Control solutions that respond to the needs of business men and enterprises in Timor-Leste, Pakotes Plus for everyone who wants to use voice, data and SMS and for companies that wish to build their own private network, with a very competitive and unique service for intra-count communications, VPN TT service; increasing and broadening mobile and broad band internet and, lastly, innovate services such as Kredit Lai, which allows every client to make a call in a particular moment even with no credit on the card; TT news notifications, Facebook SMS and the InfoFutebol service.

Quality Increase and Reinforcement of customer service
Following the restructuring of the customer care service initiated in 2013, with the hiring of a large number of human resources for the Call Centre, as well as the staff intensive training and the establishment of separated customer care groups specialised in a particular area, there will be, in 2014, a new development action focusing on further specialisation and consequent improvement of customer care quality. TT has also made available the MyTT portal, which allows each client to access all details of their account; and for the business market, a personalised network of account managers, responding to the specific needs of each business client, corporate or government, with the right solution.

Distribution Network Reform and Updating
Also this year, TT has increased its sale and distribution points, both by increasing the number of stores and creating its own new sale points and also by increasing the number of TT agents. This way TT consolidates it distribution network, getting closer to all Timorese people. For the sake of modernisation, standardisation of information and exhibition of its products in the whole country, TT will open 18 stores totally remodelled in Dili and all district capitals and also several sale points in the capital and remote places in the districts, where population density and economic activity demands the opening of a commercial point of its own (Ermera, Ossu and Maubisse).

Social Responsibility
Within its social responsibility policy, TT offers free WiFi in several public sites, supporting Timorese people, especially young people, developing their knowledge and skills by introducing them to the information technologies. TT also offers free access to the internet in 68 ICCs (Internet Community Centres) throughout the country and free internet installation in several institutions and organisations, such as parishes, universities, schools and NGOs, thus making possible for the population in general to have access to information.

Supporting Culture and Sports
TT tries to continuously support artistic and cultural activities, social and humanitarian actions as well as sport events. Tour de Timor and Dili Marathon are two examples of this (TT being the official sponsor for the 4th consecutive year), which are considered international level competitions and two crucial means for promoting peace, national spirit and for developing a sense of community. TT also supports the Federação de Futebol de Timor-Leste (Timorese Soccer Federation) and TT Elite Athletes, a team of young athletes with the best and most promising Timorese athletes for Athletics and Cycling.