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Timor Telecom presents its new TT Elite Athletes team
Tuesday, 11 March 2014 09:00

Timor Telecom takes part in Cycling

Consolidating its strategy of getting associated to athletes and also considering the beginning of the new sports year, Timor Telecom (TT) presents the new TT Elite Athletes team, a group of six promising Timorese athletes for the cycling modality.

Atletas Elite TT

TT plays its card on promising athletes again, this year focusing in junior sporters. 2014 TT Elite Athletes team is formed by Noelio Reis – vice-champion in national cycling in 2012; Eugénio Tilman – Champion in National Cycling in 2012; David Gonçalves – Bronze in the National Cycling Championship in 2012; Ivan Araújo – National Champion in 2013; Noe Vong – Bronze in the National Championship in 2013; and Leonel Gonçalves – 6th position in national cycling in 2012 and 2013.

TT started sponsoring athletes in 2013 with the aim of consolidating its presence in sports beyond soccer. With this support, 2013 TT Elite Athletes reached some outstanding classifications, namely:
  • 1st place in the International Mountain bike Bali Biking in Indonesia;
  • 1st place in the 2013 Peace Cup;
  • 1st place in the 2013 National Championship;
  • Posições de relevância no ranking internacional da União de Ciclismo Internacional em Montain Bike.
  • team, passando assim o seu testemunho e criando uma equipa de atletas coesa.
Former TT Elite Athletes are this year supporting the young athletes, in the role of trainer or mechanic, handing over the baton and creating a cohesive team.

About TT Elite Athletes
TT Elite Athletes is a solid team of young Timorese, with great potential and well-known in the international scene, which TT associates itself to within its strategy of supporting talented, perseverant, creative, efficient, valuable and competitive people. Through this strategy, TT wishes to promote sport at the national level, contributing to take the names of the best athletes worldwide and, thus, creating an “ambassadors” network overseas for the colours of Timor-Leste.

For more information, please contact:
Manuel Cárceres da Costa, Institutional Relations Director
Timor Telecom, SA / + 670 77455622 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it