Monday, 16 September 2019
Toke Livre Plan

With Toke Livre, you can talk away by saving even more.

The Toke Livre plan has no compulsory top-ups.


Communication plan Recipient Rates for the total length of the top-up Rates for communications out of the top-up length
Phone calls TT Mobile $0.09 $0.15
TT Landline $0.09 $0.15
Other mobile networks $0.19 $0.19
SMS To the TT network $0.06
To other networks $0.08
Data $0.06/MB

- Phone calls within the TT network will be charged at $0.09 during the corresponding length of your top-up, only. If you want your phone calls to be charged at this price always, you have to refill your balance often, in accordance with the top-up length table below.
- Communications are charged per second after the first minute. The first minute is indivisible.

Top-up length:

Top-up amount Expires in
$1 1 day
$2 ou $3 3 days
$5 ou $7 9 days
$10 20 days
$15 or more 30 days

- With Toke Livre, your SIM card will only get blocked if you do not make any phone call, send any SMS or use any data within a period of 150 days. In this case, your card will remain blocked for 15 days and then, if the situation continues the same, your card will get to the expired status for another 15 days, being deactivated afterwards.

An example of how Toke Livre works: Top up your mobile phone with $3 and talk for 3 days at $0.09 per minutewithin the TT network. If you do not top up againat the end of the 3 days, you can still talk but your phone calls will be charged at $0.15 within TT network. As soon as you top-up again, your phone calls will be charged at $0.09 per minute again.

You can change your plan to Toke Livre, by doing either of these:

  • Going to a Timor Telecom store
  • Sending an SMS reading “TOKE LIVRE” to 8889
  • Quick menu: *#102#
  • Dialling 105

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