Tuesday, 16 April 2024
Toke Livre Plan

With Toke Livre you have total freedom to only recharge when you need to communicate!
The plan Toke Livre does’t have obligatory recharges! You just need to make a communication each 150 days to maintain your SIM card always active.

Price basic:

Type of comunication Destination Subsidized Plan Normal Plan
Calls (minute) Mobile or Fix  TT $0.07 $0.14
Other national networks $0.17
SMS TT network $0.06
Other network $0.08
Internet (MB) $0.06

• The calls are charged per second after the first minute. The first minute is indivisible.

• The benefits rate for calls to the TT network, $ 0.09 / min, has a validity dependent on the amount charged. To always take advantage of this basic benefit rate, you must charge your mobile phone, taking into account the following table:

Range of Recharge Values Bonus Rate Validity/th>
Up to $1.99 USD 1 day
$2 up to $2.99 USD 3 days
$3 up to $6.99 USD 9 days
$7 up to $24.99 USD 20 days
>= $25 USD 30 days

In addition to the base price, you can also enjoy the most advantageous conditions of the numerous Promotional Campaigns in force (see TTLive.tl ).

In addition to the TOKE LIVRE tariff, there are also VIVA and TT DIAK tariffs.

To change to the plan Toke Livre you can choose the following subscription methods:

  • Access to the site TTLive.tl and follow the menu
  • Send a SMS with the text “LIVRE”, "VIVA", or "TTDIAK", according to the preferred tariff, to the number 8302
  • Dial *#102*2# and follow the menu
  • Go to a Timor Telecom store
  • Call to 172

You can switch tariffs twice a month, free of charge. For each additional change, USD 0.50 will be charged.


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