Sunday, 21 April 2024
Post-Paid Service

With TT post-paid service, one can use the card as it pleases – voice, data and other services – and will be billed after.

Customers can have an unlimited plafond, which means can always communicate without restrictions or top-ups. What is communicated is invoiced afterwards.

Clients have the option of choosing how much they want for their monthly plafond. When they reach that amount, they have to top-up with pulsa. They can now buy packages, in the same amount as the top-up made.

For the Post-paid service, Timor Telecom offers Balance Check.

Dial *#102# Call 102
Free Fee: $0.10

- The post-paid service has a minimum cost of $9 per month.
- Access to International Calls service, requires a security bond of $180 at TT, for each service requested.
- To access 3G broadband services, Residential Customers must pay $100 bond deposit. In this service, you can check your balance by sending SMS with “SALDO” to 8309.
- Customers are entitled for refund on bond deposit, once decided to cease the service and after making all TT bill payment TT.

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