Wednesday, 05 August 2020
Internet Service

Timor Telecom offers two modalities of internet services, a pre-paid service and a post-paid service.

With TT Pre-Paid service, you use every dollar you charge to your card, which you can do in every Timor Telecom store or on an ATM of the BNU Bank.

The Post-Paid Service allows you to use your TT card by paying your internet consumption afterwards, through an invoice issued monthly.

You can access to the internet by several different ways:

Internet on your mobile phone - access to the Internet in your mobile phone according to your needs.

3G Broad Band Internet - you can access to the Internet on your computer wherever you take it to, by simply connect the internet mobile USB stick to it.

ADSL - you can surf on the Internet at the same time you use all your telecommunication equipment connected to your telephone landline, be it an invidiual or a company.

Dedicated Access - TT offers Dedicated SDSL Internet Circuits that you can rent, depending on the distance and the capacity of the circuit in question.

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