Sunday, 21 April 2024

MyTT is a customer support portal from Timor Telecom.

Here you have access to your consumptions, transactions and balances in detail. You can check your SMS, voice and data traffic, have access to your invoices and send requests to TT team.

It’s available to pre-paid and post-paid clients.



To obtain a password send an SMS to 8305 <Cell Phone no> <Space> <Original PIN>

What is the original PIN? It’s de the four digit number that comes with your SIM CARD when you buy it. If you don’t know your original PIN, please go to a TT store.

If you don’t receive an SMS with a password, after you sent your mobile number and original pin to 8305, go to a TT store.


Contact your account manager or go to a TT store

Click HERE to access.