Thursday, 06 August 2020
Regulation of Speed Game


Regulation of the Campaign

Timor Telecom, S.A., hereinafter “Timor Telecom”, with head-office at Rua Presidente Nicolau Lobato, Timor Plaza, 4.º Piso, company number 1014630, registered in the National Directorate of Domestic Commerce under no. 01847Q/MTCI/XI/2012 intends to launch a campaign entitled SPEED GAME, which will be governed by the following terms and conditions:

Clause One

  1. The campaign is a simple kind of sequential game based on the speed of the player to send an SMS to achieve certain steps that gives him the right to win certain prizes. So, it is not a game based on luck but on the speed of action of the player.

Clause Two
Acceptance, duration and advertising

  1. Participation in this campaign implies that the participant fully accepts and is bound by this regulation.
  2. This campaign will start 20 February of 2018 and will be advertised as follows: outdoors, billboards in Timor Telecom stores, flyers, on the website of Timor Telecom (TT) (, on the Facebook page of Timor Telecom, and on the radio.
  3. Timor Telecom ensures that the information provided through such media contains all the information needed to participate in the campaign.
  4. The list of winning participants will also be advertised in some of the advertising media above.

Clause Three

  1. The campaign is intended exclusively for Timor Telecom’s prepaid clients.
  2. The following people will not be allowed to participate in the campaign:
  1. Any employees of Timor Telecom if their functions could allow them to have relevant privileged information that could give them an eventual advantage on participating in the game;
  2. Employees and other collaborators of the partner company Mobimedia which is giving technical support to enable the Game.

Clause Four
Participation on the campaign

  1. To participate, players must send an SMS with any text to the short code numbers advertised by TT, starting with 91, like: 9101, 9102, etc., with the cost of 0,30 USD per SMS, after which they will receive a message confirming the sequential position of their move and with the prize achieved and how to get it, if applicable (if it’s a prized position).
  2. Any short code is a unique instance of the same game.
  3. Every time a participant makes a move (send an SMS for any short code above) the game advances 1 sequential position.
  4. To win prizes the player should be fast enough to get any position that will end with a “zero”.
  5. The player can also, anytime, check what is the current position of a specific game by sending an SMS to a short code 9200, to check the respective position on game 9101, 9102,… with the cost of 0,15 USD per SMS. When checking the position of a game, the sequential counter of that game does not move forward and does not permit to win any prize.

Clause Five
Choosing the winners

  1. The winners of the SPEED GAME campaign will be determined depending on the position of the players move.
  2. The game begins with position 1 and keeps moving forward 1 position at a time until it reaches the position 1000 and restarts from position 1 again.
  3. If a move made by a player will correspond to a position/number that ends with 1 or more zeros, it means that player will win a prize because those are the prized positions. Thus, the player will be noticed about the prize immediately by SMS.
  4. Position of the entrance of his SMS and, for instance other additional information like the positions left for the next prizes. (i.e. eight).
  5. The prize is personal and non-transferable, and is associated to a single SIM Card number (i.e. MSISDN).
  6. TT reserves the right to not give a prize to a given participant if the winner move that reach that prize were made within a subset of 100 SMS sent by that same participant for that specific instance of the game, in less than 1 minute.
  7. The winners must agree to have their photos published to be able to get the prizes with more than 100 USD, if requested by TT.

Clause Six
Limits to the participation

  1. Participants can play as much as they want and win as much prizes as they could achieve, as long as he didn’t send more than 100 SMS in a period of time of 1 minute to the same instance of the game because it may be considered as an unfair use of an SMS spam machine, as states in the previous Clause Five, Number 6, to guarantee that all the customers are having the same possibility to be fast enough to reach the prizes.

Clause Seven
List of potential prizes

  1. Prizes for the winners, will depend on the speed of the player to send SMS to achieve certain steps and here are following prizes:
  2. If the position has exactly 1 zero at the end, customer will receive instantly 2 USD recharge in the principal balance of his sim card;
  3. If the position has exactly 2 zero at the end, customer will receive instantly 5 USD recharge in the principal balance of his sim card;
  4. If the position has exactly 3 zero at the end, customer will receive instantly 50 USD recharge in the principal balance of his sim card;
  5. After position 1000 the game comes back to the position 1 and the sequence restarts again, continuously;
  6. Timor Telecom reserves the right to change the campaign’s prize list which will become effective after it is published on;
  7. Timor Telecom reserves the right to offer other alternative prizes of equal or similar value if the prizes referred to herein are, for some reason, unavailable;
  8. Timor Telecom will not be responsible for any event that may limit the use of the prize by the winners of the campaign, and will not guarantee that it meets their expectations;
  9. Prizes are personal, non-transferable and cannot be exchanged;
  10. If the participants are under age, the prize above 50 USD will be given to their parents or legal guardian;

Clause Eight
Announcement of winners

  1. The winners will be notified directly by SMS (and will be given the details regarding the prize award procedure) or by phone call if the prize exceeds or equals 100 USD. All the prizes equal or bigger than 100 USD will be delivered personally by TT to the winners.

Clause Nine
Receiving the prizes

  1. At the time of the notification referred to in the preceding paragraph, the participants will be informed of the date, place and information needed to collect their prizes.
  2. The winners of the campaign will have up to 15 (fifteen) days as from the date of notification to collect their prizes.
  3. After the period referred to in the preceding paragraph, the winner will lose the right to the prize and no cash payment will be made to replace the prize.
  4. To collect the bigger prizes, the winner of the campaign must show his or her voting card or passport, the data of which must correspond with the identification held by Timor Telecom for the related mobile SIM Card number, the winning text message, and must sign a statement of discharge.

Clause Ten

  1. Complaints regarding the prizes to be awarded by the SPEED GAME campaign must be submitted to Timor Telecom at the Timor Plaza store, or by calling 172, within 3 working days counting from the effective date when participant receives the SMS informing about the Prize.
  2. Complaints submitted after the deadlines set out in the preceding paragraph will not be considered.

Clause Eleven
Miscellaneous provisions

  1. Timor Telecom reserves the right to (i) suspend this campaign at by given time, temporarily or permanently, or (ii) change the terms and conditions thereof, in which case it will provide the new rules on its website (, thus being exempted from any obligation or compensation to the participations.
  2. There will be no additional costs other than those referred to in these Regulations.


Manuel Joaquim Capitão Amaro
Chief Executive Officer