Monday, 16 September 2019
TT Diak Plan

Plan TT Diak – The plan that I like!

The plan TT Diak offers, each 3 days, Calls, SMS and Internet Unlimited, for just $0.70

The benefit renews each 3 days.

Any other TT pre-paid client (not only students) can migrate to this new plan TT Diak.


Service Price (USD)Minutes between DIAKSMS between DIAKPlafond MBValidity (Days)
TT DIAK 0.70 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Until 23h59 of the 3rd day

- The volume of data, ie access to the internet is unlimited, however, the speed of Internet connection associated with this tariff is reduced, ie the maximum speed of the network is not guaranteed. However, all existing internet packages and campaigns are also available for the TT DIAK tariff and have priority consumption.
- Other features of the TT Diak service such as subscription or renewal cost, renewal charging rules, billing block, offer validity, use of bid in minutes and SMS only among TTDiak tariffs, etc., remain unchanged.
- The base rate remaining TTDiak plan (off-net calls, international, etc .. also remains unchanged).

Base plan of TT Diak:

Communication type Price(USD)
Phone call between DIAK (*) 0.10/Calls
Phone call – Other TT numbers 0.14/minute
Phone call – To other networks 0.18/minute
SMS to any national mobile network 0.05/SMS
Data 0.01/MB

Note :
- The call block of the voice call are charged per second after the first minute is indivisible.
- The charging block of minutes between DIAK is per minute.
- As for the data, the first block are charged with 250 KB. The following blocks are per KB.
- (*) Price of a voice call between DIAK when the TT DIAK service is active but after the call is canceled, or when the service is suspended, it is, respectively, $ 0.10 / call.
- The modulation schedule and base plan of the calls to the fixed network as well as the international call and SMS remain are unchanged.

What happens to the current TT Diak plan?

The current client with the TT Diak plan(Loron, Semana and Fulan) maintains the current offers. However, new adherence or migration to this plan will be inhibited.

What are the conditions applied to have the new TT Diak?

  1. In the migration or alteration of the tariff or plan, if you have a balance> = 0.70 USD and you have a free plan change (3 times a month): you will charge your free profile change balance and $ 0.70 balance to activate the service of Diak.
  2. In the migration or alteration of the tariff or plan, if you have a balance> = 0.70 USD and you no longer have a free plan change (more than 3 times a month): you will apply the rate 0.50 USD for the tariff change and 0 , 70 USD to activate your service.
  3. Note: The new TT Diak plan is an adaptation of the current TT Diak Loos plan, however the features and offers / campaigns of free allocation of the service in the first 2 months and TT Diak Loos - Recharge Bonus, or others not described in point 1, associated with TT Diak Loos are no longer applicable to the new "TT Diak" plan.

How to join the new TT Diak?

To be able to subscribe to this plan, the customer can choose one of these following methods:

  • With automatic renewal: Send SMS with TTDIAKR to 8302
  • Without automatic renewal: Send SMS with TTDIAK to 8302
  • Via USSD: Dial *#102*2#
  • Via CC
  • Via IVR 172
  • Dial 105

To check the validity of bonus:

  • Via SMS: Send “DIAK” to 8302
  • Via USSD: Dial *#122*8889#

What is the Consumption priority?

The consumption priority of the TT Diak Plan will be changed according to the order of priority below:

    1ª Happy Fast
    2ª Happy Hour
    3ª Happy Night
    4ª Happy Day
    5ª Happy Weekend
    6ª Happy Week
    7ª Happy Month
    8ª AiiiBeikXa’s
    9ª Package Social Network
    10ª Other campaign and packages valid for 1 day
    11ª TT Diak
    10ª Other campaigns and packages valid for more than 1 day
    11ª NetNonStop Loron
    12ª NetNonStop Semana
    13ª NetNonStop Fulan

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