Tuesday, 14 July 2020


Campaign Regulation
“Quiz Tinan Osan Mean”

Timor Telecom, S.A.,with head-office at Rua Presidente Nicolau Lobato, Timor Plaza, 4.º Piso, company number 1014630, registered in the National Directorate of Domestic Commerce under nr. 01847Q/MTCI/XI/2012, intends to launch a campaign entitled “Quiz Tinan Osan Mean”, which will be governed by the following terms and conditions:

Clause One

  1. The “Quiz Tinan Osan Mean” which will allow participants to win prizes by answering general questions about Timor Leste, footballs and music (title, artist and etc) that will take place in February 2019.
  2. There are three types of questions:
    1. Normal Questions.
    2. Hattrick Questions.
    3. Bonus Questions.
  3. The prizes awarded will depend entirely on the player’s knowledge about the subject and on how quickly they answer, chance plays no part in determining the winner.

Clause Two
Acceptance, length and advertising

  1. Participation in this campaign implies that the participant fully accepts this regulation, being bound by it.
  2. This campaign will last from 12am of 01st of February of 2019 until 11:59pm of 28th of February of 2019.
  3. The campaign will be advertised as follows: outdoors, billboards in Timor Telecom stores, flyers, on Timor Telecom website (www.timortelecom.tl) and on Timor Telecom Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TimorTelecomTL)
  4. Timor Telecom ensures that the information provided through such media provides all the information needed to participate in the campaign.
  5. The list of winning participants will also be advertised through some of the advertising media mentioned above.

Clause Three

  1. This campaign is exclusively intended for the clients of the Timor Telecom network.
  2. The following people will not be allowed to participate:
    1. Timor Telecom Board Members or Directors;
    2. Timor Telecom employees;
    3. Other collaborators directly involved in Timor Telecom activities;
    4. Immediate family of any of the categories mentioned in the preceding sub-paragraphs;
    5. Beneficiaries of protocols with Timor Telecom who benefit from full or partial discounts on their monthly invoice for either telecommunication or Internet services;
    6. Employees and other collaborators of the partner company Mobiwin.

Clause Four
Registration on the campaign platform

  1. To be able to first participate in the campaign, participants must send 1 (one) SMS with the text “GOLD” to 8850, after which they will receive a message confirming their registration. To exit the campaign, participants should send a message with the text “UNREG” to 8850. Participants can also send other texts to participate on the Quiz as “REG” etc.
  2. Upon registration, participants will receive, daily, a text message with the “Quiz Tinan Osan Mean” questions, which participants may or may not answer.
  3. If, under the terms of number 2 (two) above, participants do not answer any question posed during the campaign, no costs will incur, except for the provision below in number 4 (four).
  4. The SMS referred to in number 1 above will be charged at USD 0.50 (fifty cents of American dollar).

Clause Five

  1. Under the terms best described in the following clause, each participant receives a daily text message with the Tinan Osan Mean Games questions and two possible answers to choose from (A or B).
  2. To answer the question, participants must send a text message with the answer they believe is correct to number 8850.
  3. Each answer, whether correct or not, will generate a new text message with a new question, and also the answer to the previous question (correct or incorrect) and the points collected by the participant.
  4. If the participant does not answer, he or she will not be charged nor will he obtain any points.
  5. All points collected by 11:59pm (Timor-Leste time zone) will be eligible for the daily prize draws. If the participation is made after this time, it will be considered for the next day.
  6. Each text message to 8850 costs USD 0.50 (fifty cents of American dollar).
  7. Text messages not paid will not be counted for the purpose of point collection.
  8. After 2 weeks we discover that 100 player is still playing and 150 player has stop playing, We broadcast the 100 Player with questions from 8850. We broadcast the 150 player that has stop playing with a message and with special cost of the SMS: “You have been invited to play special Quiz with the prize Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, accumulate your points and type GOLD to 8820”
  9. Each text message to 8820 costs USD 0.20 (twenty cents of American dollar).
  10. If the 150 players type GOLD to 8820, the player will no longer receive SMS from 8850 and receive only SMS from 8820.

Clause Six
Question modalities

  1. Each registered participant receives a text message daily with questions related to the topics referred to in number 2 of Clause One.
  2. To each question sent, the following punctuation modalities will rule:
    1. Normal A/B Questions: correct answer get 20 points;
    2. Hat trick (direct points): answer 3 right question in a row get 2000 points;
    3. Bonus Questions: answer right question get 500 -1000 points.
  3. The modality ruling for each question will be clearly identified in the text (SMS) sent.

Clause Seven
Choosing the Winner

  1. The selection of the “Quiz Tinan Osan Mean” winners by points will take daily, weekly and there will also be 1 (one) grand prize.
  2. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the participant who has achieved the highest score in the shortest possible time.
  3. Points are personal and non-transferable, and are associated to a single telephone number (i.e. MSISDN).

Clause Eight
Limits to the participation

  1. Participants qualify for the daily and weekly prize once only during the entire campaign.
  2. Notwithstanding the previous number, participants will, however, be able to continue to collect points towards the prize they have not won (daily or weekly prize) and the grand prize.
  3. For the final prize are eligible to receive it the participants that belong to the Top 20 (the 20 participants that have more points throughout the Quiz) in the end of the Quiz. In the last day of the Quiz, the players will be informed that are eligible to win the final prize. The points of each player will be upgraded to larger points (the amount of the points added or given depends on the largest point) so that all have the same points and in the last day play for the final prize. The player that has more points on the 28th of February of 2019 at 11:59pm will be the winner of the final prize.

Clause Nine

  1. The prizes for the Quiz, better identified on Anexx I , are as follows:
    1. Daily prize: Smartphone Q3 and IKI Mobile;
    2. Weekly prize: 50 USD (Fifty American dollars) in Cash;
    3. Final prize: A package of Gold + 250 USD in Cash.

Clause Ten
Miscellaneous provisions on the prizes to be offered

  1. Timor Telecom reserves the right to change the prize list, which will become effective after its publication on the website (www.timortelecom.tl).
  2. Timor Telecom reserves the right to offer other alternative prizes of equal or similar value if the prizes referred to herein are, for some reason, unavailable.
  3. Timor Telecom will not be responsible for any event that may limit the use of the prize by the winners of the campaign, and will not guarantee that it meets their expectations.
  4. The prize is personal, non-transferable and cannot be exchanged, and the objects contained therein cannot be converted to cash.
  5. If the participants are under age, the prize will be given to their parents or legal guardian.

Clause Eleven
Announcement of winners

  1. The winners will be notified directly by telephone (text message and/or telephone call), and will be given the details regarding the prize award procedure.
  2. The daily winners will be notified on the day following the day to which the prize refers; the weekly winners will be notified on the day following the week to which the prize refers; and the winners of the final prize will be notified in the day following the last day of the Quiz.
  3. The data of the campaign winners will be stored in a database, intend only for the awarding of the prizes.

Clause Twelve
Receiving the prizes

  1. At the time of the notification referred to in the preceding paragraph, the participants will be informed of the date, place and information needed to collect their prizes.
  2. The winners of the campaign will have up to 15 days as from the date of notification to collect their prizes.
  3. After the period referred to in the preceding paragraph, the winner will not be eligible for prize award and no cash payment will be made to replace the prize.
  4. To collect the prize, the winner of the campaign must show his or her Poling Card, the data of which must tally with the identification held by Timor Telecom for the related mobile telephone number, the winning text message, and must sign a statement of discharge.

Clause Thirteen

  1. Complaints regarding the prizes to be awarded by the “Quiz Tinan Osan Mean” must be submitted to Timor Telecom in the Timor Plaza store, or by calling 172, by the following deadlines:
    1. For the daily prizes, by 6pm of the next working day following the notification;
    2. For the weekly prizes, by 6pm of the 2 (two) next working days following the notification;
    3. For the grand prize, by 6pm of the 3 (three) next working days following the notification of this prize.
  2. Complaints submitted after the deadlines set out in the preceding paragraph will not be considered.

Clause Fourteen
Miscellaneous provisions

  1. Timor Telecom reserves the right to (i) suspend, at by given time, temporarily or permanently, this campaign, or (ii) change the terms and conditions thereof, in which case it will provide on its website (www.timortelecom.tl) the new rules, thus being exempted from any obligation or compensation to the Participants.
  2. There will be no additional costs other than those referred to in the Regulation document herein.


List of Prizes to be awarded in the “Quiz Tinan Osan Mean” campaign:

Type of PrizePrizeQuantity
Final A Package of Gold + 250 USD in Cash 1
Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (or equivalent) 1
Weekly 50 USD in Cash 4
Daily Smartphone Q3 ( or equivalent) 3
IKI KF4 Go Phone ( or equivalent) 2