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Timor Telecom is a Timorese company which works with and for the Timorese people.


In July Timor Telecom Consortium wins the competition (BOT - Build, Operate, Transfer) for the creation of Telecommunication services in Timor-Leste.

On October 17 the Timor Telecom Consortium is officially converted into Timor Telecom, SA – a company of Timorese ownership.

Onset of Timor Telecom as the first telecommunication operator in Timor-Leste.


On March 1, Timor Telecom starts operating in Dili, Lospalos, Baucau and Oecussi.

For the first time in its history, Timor-Leste has a telecommunication network – TT create its own entirely national network, as well as the country code +670.

Landline, mobile and internet services emerge.

Opening of the first Timor Telecom stores in Dili.


Launching of the first telecommunication station in Atauro.

Opening of the Gleno store and Baucau store.


Expansion of Timor Telecom stores to the districts of Maliana, Suai and Oecussi.

Timor Telecom first television broadcast.

Launching of the $10 refill card.


In 2006 around 50,000 clients were already using TT mobile service.

Timor Telecom is able to maintain all its services operating during the 2006 crisis.

Launching of the first Telephone Book in Timor-Leste.


Launching of the voicemail service.

Publishing of the first Yellow Pages of Timor-Leste.

Opening of the new SMS Centre, located in Dili.

A new store in Comoro, Dili, is opened to serve the public of west Dili.

The Yellow Pages service is created on paper and online.


At this time Timor Telecom had more than 125,000 clients in its mobile network.

Introduction of the $1 refill card, also called Pulsa; SIM Card price drops to $5.

All TT prices are reduced by 10%.


More than 300,000 clients in the mobile phone service.

Launching of Net Bo'ot, TT broadband internet service.

Emergence of a new switch and a smart network platform serving Timor-Leste’s telecommunications.

Expansion of the 2G network and launching of the 3G network launch; satellite link is also enhanced.

SIM Card price drops to $3.

Opening of new stores: Colmera (Dili) Liquiçá, Aileu, Manatuto Ainaro, Same and Lospalos.


Mobile service increases 34.8%, leading to 473,020 clients.

Launching of Timor Telecom new logo – the Toke.

The first Internet Community Centers are opened.

Emergence of fiber optic network in Dili.

Releasing of Sapo TL portal.

Mobile coverage extended and enhanced up to 86% of the population, with a total of 98 sites at the end of 2010.

Enlargement and enhancement of the distribution network, attaining around 900 agents distributed throughout the country.


Timor Telecom reaches 500,000 clients.

Site (or BTS) number 100 of the mobile network service starts operating.


This is the 10th anniversary of Timor-Leste’s Independence and also the 10th anniversary of Timor Telecom.

TT starts its restructuring process with the launch of new strategies, products and services to better serve the customer.

Opening of three new stores in Dili, two in Timor Plaza and one in the Hotel Timor.

Is signed the agreement between the State of Timor-Leste and the Timor Telecom for early termination of the concession agreement signed in 2002.


Timor Telecom keeps working on the development of innovative services and it also puts in place a steep fall in prices.

Launching of the first plan with no compulsory top-ups (Toke free), launching of a first plan created especially for young people (Diak) and also the launching of the first per-second plan (VIVA).

Completion of the renovation and modernisation of the company’s 18 stores throughout the country.

Timor Telecom Call Centre opens in a new building in Dili.


At the forefront of technology in Timor-Leste, TT implements a new concept of internet, expanding significantly its bandwidth, speed and quality and, thus, providing a better surfing experience to its clients.


TT produced another big stage with a new edition of a music festival, aimed at young people, underlining its bet on DIAK Loos plan, exclusive for students, and launched the year before


In June 2017, TT became the first operator in Timor-Leste to launch the internet mobile service LTE/4G with high speed.