Monday, 21 September 2020
Base Plan

Timor Telecom offers several post-paid plans, responding to all their clients’ needs.


Base Plan:

Communication type Recipient Normal hours rate Super-economic hours rate
Phone calls TT Mobile $0.10 $0.07
TT Landline $0.10 $0.07
Other mobile networks $0.19 $0.10
SMS To the TT network $0.06
To other networks $0.08
Data $0.03/MB

- Access cost $9. Minimum monthly pay of $9 (monthly payment goes down if you have more than 10 SIM CARDs)
- Normal hours go from 6am to 11:59pm.
- Super-economic hours go from 12am to 5:59am.

Timor Telecom has also other post-paid plans which are tailored for responding to the particular needs of the companies. To get to know more about these plans, please go to any of our business stores.

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