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Timor Telecom presents its new TT Elite Athletes team
Tuesday, 11 March 2014 09:00

Timor Telecom takes part in Cycling

Consolidating its strategy of getting associated to athletes and also considering the beginning of the new sports year, Timor Telecom (TT) presents the new TT Elite Athletes team, a group of six promising Timorese athletes for the cycling modality.

Atletas Elite TT

TT plays its card on promising athletes again, this year focusing in junior sporters. 2014 TT Elite Athletes team is formed by Noelio Reis – vice-champion in national cycling in 2012; Eugénio Tilman – Champion in National Cycling in 2012; David Gonçalves – Bronze in the National Cycling Championship in 2012; Ivan Araújo – National Champion in 2013; Noe Vong – Bronze in the National Championship in 2013; and Leonel Gonçalves – 6th position in national cycling in 2012 and 2013.

TT started sponsoring athletes in 2013 with the aim of consolidating its presence in sports beyond soccer. With this support, 2013 TT Elite Athletes reached some outstanding classifications, namely:
  • 1st place in the International Mountain bike Bali Biking in Indonesia;
  • 1st place in the 2013 Peace Cup;
  • 1st place in the 2013 National Championship;
  • Posições de relevância no ranking internacional da União de Ciclismo Internacional em Montain Bike.
  • team, passando assim o seu testemunho e criando uma equipa de atletas coesa.
Former TT Elite Athletes are this year supporting the young athletes, in the role of trainer or mechanic, handing over the baton and creating a cohesive team.

About TT Elite Athletes
TT Elite Athletes is a solid team of young Timorese, with great potential and well-known in the international scene, which TT associates itself to within its strategy of supporting talented, perseverant, creative, efficient, valuable and competitive people. Through this strategy, TT wishes to promote sport at the national level, contributing to take the names of the best athletes worldwide and, thus, creating an “ambassadors” network overseas for the colours of Timor-Leste.

For more information, please contact:
Manuel Cárceres da Costa, Institutional Relations Director
Timor Telecom, SA / + 670 77455622 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
TT Dili and Baucau stores are now equipped with POS
Friday, 28 February 2014 09:00

Improvement of TT Customer Service

Loos 24 Identifying customer service as a strategic priority, Timor Telecom (TT) introduces significant improvements in its distribution network by launching the first POS, operating since today, at its 6 stores in Dili and soon at its 2 stores in Baucau. TT will also implement POS in the stores of every district capital where ATMs may be installed.

Thus, TT clients can make every payment of products or services through the mobile points of sale connected to the banking network of Caixa Geral de Depósitos, BNU Timor, the first bank of Timor-Leste, in operation for more than 100 years.

By diversifying paying modalities in its busiest stores, TT not only offers its clients a more comfortable experience when contacting the operator, but also guarantees better security conditions. Since clients will be making transactions by using a personal code, they no longer need to walk in the store carrying large amounts of money.

With these POS, clients can make payments with the LOOS 24 debit card, BNU Timor card, and also with any card from the VISA network.

TT has been greatly improving the conditions and the channels of contact with clients, namely with the recent restructuring of the Dili Call Center and the modernization of its stores throughout 2013. With the installation of POS, TT makes another big strategic step, improving life quality of all clients who visit TT stores.

Timor Telecom supports social projects for Christmas season
Wednesday, 18 December 2013 20:06
Timor Telecom supports social projects for Christmas season

Timor Telecom doesn’t want to be indifferent in this 2013 Christmas season and it has joined several solidarity actions in Timor-Leste

Within social responsibility, TT is supporting several social projects during Christmas time, offering a different and special Christmas to many children who do not have the possibility of celebrating it with their families, for various different reasons.

Timor Telecom apoia projetos sociais neste Natal

The Sport Dili and Benfica Christmas party, which was offered to the children from Santa Bahkita and the Dominican Sisters on the 8th of December, was the first project supported by TT through the distribution of school bags and classroom supplies to 60 children. TT´s mascot was also present amusing everyone at the party. It was a very nice day with plenty of activities and lots of music.

First Lady Christmas party, which took place last Saturday, December 14, was meant for the 310 most disadvantaged children from the 31 sucos in Dili ant it also counted with TT’s support. The mascots were also there, bringing joy to the party.

On the 23rd and 25th of December, TT will support another solidarity activity, joining the Timorese Artists Group “Different Voices”, contributing financially and also with gifts, allowing this group of artists to visit HIV patients in Dili, tuberculosis patients in Tibar and orphans and disabled people from the AHISAUN group.

The National Rehabilitation Centre of Becora, under the Ministry of Social Solidarity, will also get a small financial contribution from TT as well as little gifts (T-shirts, classroom supplies and other gifts).

In Atauro, the most deprived families will receive t-shirts and school supplies through the Canossian Sisters.

One of the main aims of Timor Telecom has been to support projects which identify major needs within the social field, as well as within education, health and social emergency, trying to meet the specific needs within these areas.

Always attentive and acting assiduously and responsibly, TT has been supporting schools, associations, families and other groups in need.
Timor Telecom inaugura novas instalações do Call Center, Díli
Monday, 09 December 2013 21:02
Press Release

Timor Telecom officially reopens renovated Call Centre in Dili

Dili, 6 December 2013

Identifying customer service as one of its strategic priorities, Timor Telecom (TT) officially reopens today the new Call Centre premises in Dili, totally renovated and adapted to the needs of the new human resources, technicians and logistics personnel.

Within 230m² TT is integrating 15 new positions for simultaneous customer service, making a total of 52 current positions, as well as 42 new PCs and a training room with 20 seats allocated exclusively to the Call Centre, benefiting the internal professional training process.

Regarding human resources, the new Call Centre includes an eating and resting area, equipped with kitchen appliances, PC with access to the Internet for personnel taking their breaks and also more than 50 lockers for personal belongings. Considering staff wellbeing, TT ensures transport service (home-office-home) and meal delivery to the workplace to all staff members doing night shifts (Call Centre operates 24 hours).

Benefits of the Call Centre remodelling
The remodelling of the Call Centre results from a diagnosis project that has been implemented in this department since June 2012 and which has identified necessary intervention areas, leading to the corresponding action plan.

More job positions
The rehabilitation of the Call Centre begun as a process of expanding the premises, allowing the taking of 70 people on board and, thus, increasing the number of job positions significantly. New shifts for customer service were also created, responding to the ascending volume of received calls

Internal Training and introduction to technological tools
TT has created a plan for internal training and regular monitoring of the Call Centre activities through KPIs (Key performance indicators).

Besides the functional and operation changes, the introduction of new tools is also to contribute to the improvement of the performance of the Call Centre, namely:
  • Implementation of IVR (interactive voice response) with selfcare: clients become able to perform several operations without having to interact with TT staff, namely subscribing promotional campaigns, changing their plan or subscribing different TT services.
  • Implementation of a Call Recording System with the aim of monitoring and controlling the quality of the service delivered by the customer service team.
The remodelling project started in October 2012 with the aim of improving the global performance of the Call Centre and, subsequently, offering a high quality service to clients, targeting at international level objectives and results.

Holding the position of the biggest employee in Timor-Leste, TT employs in its new Call Centre a total of 114 workers with Timorese nationality, where 106 are Call Centre Assistants, 7 are Supervisors and 1 Director.

For further information, please contact:
Manuel Cárceres da Costa,
Corporate Relations Director
Timor Telecom, SA / + 670 77455622 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Timor Telecom 11th anniversary
Monday, 21 October 2013 17:56
Press Release

Timor Telecom 11th anniversary

Dili, 17 October 2013

After 11 years in Timor, which are marked today, Timor Telecom – the biggest telecommunication operator in Timor-Leste – is a solid and dynamic enterprise which has overcome several challenges and has stood by the Timorese people in their own course after the Restoration of Independence. Today, an absolute leader within the Timorese market, TT holds a network extended to every district, offering extra maturity, better quality, capacity and reliability and covering the whole Timorese territory and population – 94% of the territory covered by mobile network and internet through 163 2G sites and 76 3G sites. Also noteworthy is the quality of TT human resources, who besides highly qualified are continuously taking part in professional training and development actions. Today TT comprises 530 Timorese staff members, thus being the major private employer in the country.

Moreover, TT is also a leader in what comes to innovation, customer service, distribution network and social responsibility, standing out for the closeness it builds everyday with the Timorese people. Within the celebration of its 11th anniversary, TT is launching several promotional campaigns and initiatives in order to offer a better service to all its clients:
  • During the whole month of October, TT will launch a promotional campaign consisting of reduced international call rates, valid for Indonesia, Australia, Portugal, China, the Philippines and many other countries and also 50% off in international sms;
  • The 17th October Campaign: a 100% bonus for every TT calls and sms for clients who top up their cards on that day. This bonus will be valid for 7 days.
  • SIM Card Price Reduction. Sale price will be reduced from $2 to $1, still with the same $1USD initial credit offer for mobile pre-paid SIM cards. It also includes 5 minutes for voice, 10 SMS and 1MB.
Throughout the years, TT has invested in technologic innovation with the aim of responding to the needs of its broad client database, offering a set of innovative products and services to the various consumption levels: innovative plans and packs according to the needs of each client (Toke Livre, Diak, VIVA and TT Fun); for the enterprise market - Cost Control solutions that respond to the needs of business men and enterprises in Timor-Leste, Pakotes Plus for everyone who wants to use voice, data and SMS and for companies that wish to build their own private network, with a very competitive and unique service for intra-count communications, VPN TT service; increasing and broadening mobile and broad band internet and, lastly, innovate services such as Kredit Lai, which allows every client to make a call in a particular moment even with no credit on the card; TT news notifications, Facebook SMS and the InfoFutebol service.

Quality Increase and Reinforcement of customer service
Following the restructuring of the customer care service initiated in 2013, with the hiring of a large number of human resources for the Call Centre, as well as the staff intensive training and the establishment of separated customer care groups specialised in a particular area, there will be, in 2014, a new development action focusing on further specialisation and consequent improvement of customer care quality. TT has also made available the MyTT portal, which allows each client to access all details of their account; and for the business market, a personalised network of account managers, responding to the specific needs of each business client, corporate or government, with the right solution.

Distribution Network Reform and Updating
Also this year, TT has increased its sale and distribution points, both by increasing the number of stores and creating its own new sale points and also by increasing the number of TT agents. This way TT consolidates it distribution network, getting closer to all Timorese people. For the sake of modernisation, standardisation of information and exhibition of its products in the whole country, TT will open 18 stores totally remodelled in Dili and all district capitals and also several sale points in the capital and remote places in the districts, where population density and economic activity demands the opening of a commercial point of its own (Ermera, Ossu and Maubisse).

Social Responsibility
Within its social responsibility policy, TT offers free WiFi in several public sites, supporting Timorese people, especially young people, developing their knowledge and skills by introducing them to the information technologies. TT also offers free access to the internet in 68 ICCs (Internet Community Centres) throughout the country and free internet installation in several institutions and organisations, such as parishes, universities, schools and NGOs, thus making possible for the population in general to have access to information.

Supporting Culture and Sports
TT tries to continuously support artistic and cultural activities, social and humanitarian actions as well as sport events. Tour de Timor and Dili Marathon are two examples of this (TT being the official sponsor for the 4th consecutive year), which are considered international level competitions and two crucial means for promoting peace, national spirit and for developing a sense of community. TT also supports the Federação de Futebol de Timor-Leste (Timorese Soccer Federation) and TT Elite Athletes, a team of young athletes with the best and most promising Timorese athletes for Athletics and Cycling.
Timor Telecom is the official sponsor for Tour de Timor
Friday, 18 October 2013 09:00
Press Release

Timor Telecom is the official sponsor for Tour de Timor

Dili, 22 August 2013

Timor Telecom and Ministry of Tourism are going to sign the sponsoring contract of the Tour de Timor 5th edition, a non-for-profit event organized by the Ministry of Tourism. The first edition was in August 2009; it comprised 300 athletes from 12 different countries, being considered the biggest cycling event in Timor-Leste.

The signing ceremony establishes Timor Telecom as the Tour the Timor official sponsor for the 4th consecutive year. Some TT Elite Athletes who are going to participate in the Tour will also be present, namely António Martins, Jacinto da Costa, José Araújo and Orlando da Costa.

With Timor-Leste as the stage for sport excellence and multicultural friendship among participants, the Tour the Timor and the Dili Marathon are much more than high level international competitions, they are, in fact, essential means for promoting peace and developing a spirit of community and nationality.

The tour will happen between the 2nd and the 6th of September with a maximum of 290 participants. Dili will be the starting point and the course will then follow to Baucau, Viqueque, Manufahi, Aileu and Ermera. Along the course there will be security staff, logistics and administrative supporting staff and medical staff to assure a safe competition.
Timor Telecom offers laptops and internet to the Library and the Catholic Youth Department of the Diocese of Baucau
Thursday, 03 October 2013 09:00
Timor Telecom (TT), through the PT Foundation, offered laptops to the Library of the Diocese of Baucau

Timor Telecom oferese komputador portátil no internet ba Biblioteka no Departamentu Juventude Katólika husi Dioseze Baucau nian

Baucau, 3rd October 2013
  • Contributing to the development of Timorese young citizens;
  • TT wishes to promote the use of the new technologies among young people.
Timor Telecom (TT), through the PT Foundation, offered laptops to be installed in the Library of the Diocese of Baucau as a way of contributing to the development of the Timorese young people.

This institution comprises a youth centre, where the young people from Baucau are offered training. We have signed a Cooperation Protocol where it was agreed Timor Telecom is to offer the Diocese Internet and laptops, which will allow young people to develop their skills and access to new technologies.

With this, TT helps the Diocese of Baucau to hold young people’s interest and attract them to use the Library and Catholic Youth Department, where they can study, research, learn Portuguese, IT and general knowledge, thus, contributing to their development.

The cooperation with the Diocese of Baucau is part of TT broad strategy to install internet and to give computers to the Universities, Schools, Parishes and Youth Centres throughout the country, aiming at making internet and computers available to everybody, contributing to a better informed and developed society. Within the same strategy, TT has also been equipping Community Centres with Internet (the so called, CCI), amounting to 68 Centres throughout the country.

Reinforcing the presence of Timor Telecom within Tennis
Wednesday, 31 July 2013 09:00
TT is the sponsor for the 2nd consecutive time

Timor Telecom Tennis 2013 starts off today with TT as the official sponsor

Dili, 15 July 2013

Timor Telecom Tennis 2013, which is the most important event of Timor-Leste Tennis Federation, starts off today, and it will be, for the second consecutive time, sponsored by Timor Telecom (TT), the telecommunications operator which drives its know-how and organizational maturity towards an ever closer relationship with each client.

TT sponsors the players’ gear and takes part of the organization of the event, of the definition of the different categories of the competition, the delivery of the awards, the development of a set of promotional actions with its mascots TOKE and SAPO and of the promotion of interactive quizzes on TT’s website.

Timor Telecom Tennis 2013 lasts for two weeks, the opening being predicted for today at 6:30pm, at the tennis court of Melatih (just behind Liceu Dr. Francisco Machado), and the closing for 28 July. Several well-known personalities within this area, several representatives of different sports federations and different members of the diplomatic corps of Timor-Leste were invited to this major sports event.

Being the sports event with the biggest number of registrations, categories and prizes, it includes participants of all age ranges, from juniors to veterans, as well as of all competition levels, from beginners to most experienced people, and also attracting tennis personalities from all over the world, namely from Australia, Cambodia and Portugal.

As a Telecommunications Operator of Landline and Mobile Networks with more than 10 years of history in Timor-Leste, TT has been walking together with all Timorese citizens since 2002, adapting its technology, as a means of development, to the daily life of its more than 600 thousand clients, while promoting communication as a crucial agent for approximation and contact among all in Timor-Leste.
TT supports Marathon for Peace in Timor-Leste
Friday, 21 June 2013 09:00
TT – main sponsor of Dili Marathon 2013

TT supports Marathon for Peace in Timor-Leste

  • TT – main sponsor of Dili Marathon 2013;
  • Assistance in the organization and promotion of the event together with the Ministry of Tourism and Dili Athletic Federation;
  • Distribution of merchandise and event animation.
Pursuant to the development of Timor-Leste society, Timor Telecom (TT) joints Dili City of Peace Marathon for the fourth consecutive time, within its social responsibility strategy which aligns with the promotion of peace and unity in Timor-Leste.

In order to make public its strong link to these principles, TT will participate in the event with a team that already comprises 50 people participating in the four different competitions.

The conception and organization of the City of Peace Marathon 2013 aims at offering maximum security to all participants, avoiding obstructions during the four competitions. Participants can choose which competition they want to take part of:

  • 5km Run: VIP favoured run. It starts at Cristo Rei, at 6:30am, and finishes just in front of the Palácio do Governo;
  • 10km Run: Also set to start at 6:30am, it starts in Tassitolu and the line is in front of the Palácio do Governo;
  • Half-Marathon (21km): it starts at 6:30am at the Palácio do Governo, finishing at the same place;
  • Marathon (42km):same track as Half-Marathon to be run twice.
1000 children will take part of the 5Km run. This year City of Peace Marathon will also count with the participation of two TT high competition Athletes: Juventina Napoleão and Augusto Soares, who are both Olympic marathoners.

TT, as a Landline and Mobile Telecommunications Operator with ten years of history, gives one more step in getting closer to the Timorese population, not only by supporting sports as a healthy life-style but also by simultaneously promoting communication as a crucial means of contact among all Timorese people.
Timor Telecom joins Marie Stopes NGO for advising young people
Thursday, 06 June 2013 09:00
TT reinforces its social responsibility strategy

Timor Telecom joins Marie Stopes NGO for advising young people and installs Wi-Fi at Dili Youth Centre
  • TT reinforces its social responsibility strategy;
  • TT amplifies its Free line (Green Number 8001001) capacity, to be used for client clarification and for facilitating the access to health information;
  • Wi-Fi service installation at Dili Youth Centre.
Pursuant to the development of Timor-Leste society, Timor Telecom (TT) joins Marie Stopes and reinforces Green Line capacity, nr. 8001001, as a means for clarification of young people. Through this telephone line, Marie Stopes, with TT support, aims at providing clarification and information related to birth control, health, dietary habits, advising, in a voluntary basis, the most disadvantaged groups which lack access to information.

Moreover, TT is also going to offer free Wi-Fi service at the Youth Centre that has recently opened in Dili.

TT technological contribution complies with its social responsibility police, which acquires greater relevance within the present context, as Timor-Leste has one of the greatest maternal mortality rates in the world, with a ratio of one death per 100 childbirths. Also worth notice is the fact that in Timor-Leste each woman has about six children and one in each 17 women starts giving birth at the ages between 15 and 19. Access to information related to health and sexuality is still significantly low, which leads to a great number of unwanted pregnancies. Although many people are aware of contraceptive methods, only 22% of women use them.

Based in Timor-Leste, Marie Stopes is a non-governmental organisation which aims at the reduction of child mortality and maternal mortality in childbirth, offering health and birth control services and guidance since 2007.

As a Landline and Mobile Network Telecommunications Operator with ten years’ history in Timor-Leste, TT gives one more step in getting closer to the Timorese population, not only by putting technology at the service of life improvement of its 600 thousand clients, but also by simultaneously promoting communication as a crucial means of contact among all Timorese people.
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