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New sites in border areas - Mobile network coverage in total growing
Thursday, 29 July 2010 02:29

The first half of 2010 ends with the implementation of eight new sites. Noteworthy is the improvement of coverage in border areas and the opening of the 3G network in Los Palos and Oecussi. Until the end of the year are planned four new sites.

Uato Carbau, and Baguia Naunili (Iliomar) have now mobile coverage since last June, while Uato Lari, Aliembata and Hatubuilico are the latest areas of deployment of towers. Laga and Lospalos have better coverage with a new tower of 30 and 50 meters, respectively.

However, there has been more growth in the border areas such as districts of Covalima / Suai and Bobonaro. The effort to improve service is evident in Tiliomar (covering the subdistricts of Tiliomar and Fohorem) Alto Lebos (covering the subdistrict of Fatu Lulik in Covalima / Suai subdistrict and Lolotoe Bobonaro).

Again in the border areas, four new sites are planned by the end of 2010. Oesilo (border southeast), Nitibe (southwest border) Passabe (southern border) and Citrana (western border). Only Sacatar (border) will be ready next year.

The 3G network has also been expanding and after Dili, Baucau, Gleno and Aileu, Los Palos and Oecussi will also be activated in the upcoming days. By the end of the year all district capitals will be covered by 3G, as well as the inauguration of the Internet Community Centers, starting in mid August in Maubara.

TT 250x
Thursday, 24 June 2010 20:49
Top up $1 or $2 and you can win until 250x the recharge value

Timor Telecom will start a new draw for our mobile prepaid customers with an exclusively 1 USD or 2 USD recharge.

All recharge made before 12pm Friday and 11pm the Thursday after enable the client to gain the value multiplied by 250x recharging. Weekly, TT will deliver seven prizes, it means, 4 to $1 recharge and 3 for $2. Thus, each raffled customer who has recharge $1 will get $250 and customers with 2 USD will get 500USD.

This is a weekly raffle.

The customer enters in the system the number of times you have made a refill of $1 or $2 USD.

Training program in Timor Telecom
Tuesday, 15 June 2010 00:33
Affixed to a future of quality

Last May proved to be very fruitful regarding to the commercial department. The training, conducted by Odete Fachada Consultants Limited, mainly focused in call centers, stores, on line technical support, commercial street and telemarketing team. And the results are satisfactory.

With the aim of improving services for customer service, the training proved very fruitful and with positive results. Even Crisogno Boavida, Manager of commercial area (call center), says that "the clients, themselves, were surprised about this new service." However, what about the training itself? "Being in Timor is very rewarding," begins to say Rita Correia, one of the trainers, along with the Director Odete Fachada and Sara Crespim. Despite all the difficulties encountered by employees of Timor Telecom, there was an "eager to learn, improve and strive to speak in portuguese," she continues.

The language barrier was overcome by writing and translation into Tetum because "more than 90% of the customers speak Tetum and if we are to teach techniques of service quality and power sales, it must be in language that is spoken more", explains Rita Correia.

"Pride in working for TT"

The training included the presence of TT new and old staff members elements and Doria Araujo, Commercial Network Chief Department, said that employees with more years in the company are willing "to teach what they know" and confesses that she also learned a lot and emphasize the patience of the three trainers. The inference that Rita Correia took out from all trainees was, above all, a "great pride in working for TT and the feeling of having a future. Then they are willing to learn, improve and it's a sort of thing not very common, at least, in Portugal. "But what is the secret for the success?" Our training is a very practical exercise and it is this is our most valuable as a training company, as we do not have any standard training. We always make the whole process, a survey about the products, information and services. Each time we get in a training room, is just like as we enter in a business environment "Rita Correia bails.

Dr. Sara Crespim and students

During training

Dr. Elizabeth façade flanked by students

Dr. Rita Correia and students

Score with TT
Monday, 14 June 2010 23:26

The World Cup is approaching and Timor Telecom provides its customers the opportunity to make free national calls (network TT) from the second minute on each call until 23:59 of 31 December 2010. To join, the customer must send a text message with the proposed outcome of several games that TT Championship consider for this contest (see attached list). The message should be written as follows: (eg Portugal 2 Brazil 2).

The day before the game which will be in competition the next day, the customer must send a text message to 8188 until 23:59, betting on its outcome in the following. Customers who correctly guess the results will be automatically selected for the draw's list.

Group Stage:
11 June - México vs. África do Sul
15 June - Portugal vs. Costa do Marfim
21 June - Coreia do Norte vs. Portugal
25 June - Brasil vs. Portugal

Second Round:
29 June - 1.o lugar grupo G vs. 2.o lugar grupo H (OF3)
30 June - 1.o lugar grupo H vs. 2.o lugar grupo G (OF4)

Quarter Final:
2 July - (1.o lugar grupo E ou 2.o lugar grupo F) vs. OF3 (QF1)
4 July - (1.o lugar grupo F ou 2.o lugar grupo E) vs. OF4 (QF4)

7 July - QF1 vs. QF2 (SF1)
8 July - QF3 vs. QF4 (SF2)

11 July - 3.o e 4.o Lugar
12 July - Final: SF1 vs. SF2

These are the draw dates:
27 June – After Group´s Round
1 July – After the last game of second round 5 July – After the last game of quarter final 9 July – After the last game of semi - final 12 July – After the 3rd place playoff 13 July – After the final

Timor Telecom sponsors Marathon Dili City of Peace
Thursday, 27 May 2010 18:02
Agreements signed in recent weeks

The agreement concluded last Wednesday, May 19, aims to continue the work that has been done in conjunction with the Presidency, especially in earlier events such as Timor Tour, Fishing of Ataúro and in support of Webiste and Press Office of the Presidency.

According to the President Jose Ramos - Horta, "we are very pleased to have Timor Telecom on board as a major Gold level commercial sponsor of the Dili Marathon. This sponsorship will assist in making this year´s first event a great way to launch our calendar of International Sporting Events."

With monetary support of $ 60,000, will be expected, on June 20, more than 2000 athletes, but not only for sports events TT supports. Beyond the partnership with the Timorese universities in offering internships, employment opportunities for students, study visits to the company as well as promotion of seminars for students, the University of East Timor now has available a Cyber Café.

For the first time Timor - Leste participates at the World Exhibition, Expo 2010 Shanghai, and TT is one of the official sponsors.

Opening of Cyber Cafe in UNTL Signing Protocol between Commissioner Expo Shanghai
and TT, CEO Manuel Amaro and Joaquim Brito

Signing Protocol Presidency Press Office,
Drº Gregório Sousa and Drª Isabel Nolasco
Press conference Dili Marathon

If you don´t have enough credit
Tuesday, 18 May 2010 19:00

Call Me

From May, whenever your balance does not allow, you can send Call Me to request someone to make a phone call to you. Customers with balance below $ 0.10 are entitled to 10 Call Me. For each Call Me, it will be charged $ 0.02 and if its amount exceeds, the service is unavailable.

By doing a top up, the reset is done automatically to counter the free Call Me.

Dial 8888 + the destination number and press Call.

Top up and win!
Tuesday, 27 April 2010 20:34

Until May 20

When charging your mobile with $ 10 or more, TT offers another mobile phone

This time there is a possibility to choose between two models, ZTE and Alcatel OT S315 - 103. Both are included a SIM card and $ 1 balance.

The top up can be purchased at any TT store, however the client can only pick up his mobile phone stores upon presentation of ID (voter registration card or passport) and the recharge coupon. Regardless of the number of top ups and its value, each customer is only entitled to one mobile phone.

The campaign is valid until next May 20.

TT Big Draw
Saturday, 10 April 2010 00:55

Until May 10

Timor Telecom is raffling off a Honda motorcycle, model Revo per day.

The customer will be automatically entered into the database of the Draw as many times as the value that corresponds to the loading place (for ex. $ 1.00 - appears once; $ 2.00 - appears twice, and so forth).

The list of competing awards will be announced in newspapers Timor Post, STL and Journal on Friday - Fair following each phase of the drawn. The identification of successful entrants will be done by verifying the identity of the user record telephone numbers drawn.

The Draw will take place until next May 10.

With the official sponsorship of Timor Telecom - International Triathlon Contest
Monday, 29 March 2010 18:16

On March 20, was held in Praia da Areia Branca, Dili, the 1st International Triathlon Contest. With the presence of 41 athletes, five women and 36 men (including East Timorese, Portuguese, members of the UN and NGOs) the competition consisted on 750 meters swim, 20km cycling and 5 km run between Cristo Rei and Bidau Santana.

With the full support of Timor Telecom, the competition that began at 9:00 am, was tough due to warm weather, however the enormous crowd not dissuaded the competitors by giving them encouragement to continue and not to give up. The winner was the Guard Jorge Cesar and the female winner was the Guard Monica Vieira. It is important to emphasize Caroline Tan, the 3rd ranked, have fractured the femur of the shoulder during the cycling and even after this hardship, still continue and occupy one of the places on the podium.

According to Lieutenant Orlando Liborio, overall the triathlon was positive and "many were the congratulations given to the organization because it is not normal to have this type of events and very well organized." It is also important to emphasize the excellent work performed by the scouts of the National Police of East Timor, security and GNR - INEM medical assistance and vessels of the 8th Contingent of Subassemblies Bravo from GNR and PNTL, ensuring the safety of athletes during the contest.

At the end, prizes and trophies were distributed at the headquarters of GNR, followed by a lunch, in a spirit of camaraderie and fair play, and watching the photos at the same time.

Classification Male
1st Jorge Cesar 1:13:57
2nd Simon Fernandes 1:14:38
3rd João Rodrigues 1:15:47

Classification Female
1st Monica Vieira 1:22:26
2nd Helena Resende 1:27:33
3rd Caroline Tan 1:29:04

Team Results
1st GNR Team I
2nd GNR Team II
3rd Team Not Just IOM (International Organization for Migration)

Starting shot by Mr. Miguel Manotelo,
Secretary of State for Youth and Sport

Getting on the lead, Guard Jorge César

3rd place João Rodrigues

Male´s winner Guard Jorge César

Female´s winner Guard Monica Vieira

Male´s podium

Timor Telecom offers concert population
Wednesday, 03 March 2010 19:38

To celebrate the launch of new image

Last Saturday, February the 27th, Timor Telecom organized, in Dili, a free gig to present its new image. The bands 5 do Oriente Rock Alegre (winner of 2009 contest bands promoted by the government), Dejukdil / Diocese Band (winner from Diocese of Dili´s contest) and Gembel enlivened the show with the slogan “Timor Telecom, ita hotu nia Ligasaun”.

Many people passed by Field of Democracy, in Dili, and the party lasted until nightfall. According to TT, this was a way "to support the East Timorese musicians and celebrate with its customers and the people in general, the beginning of a new phase of the national telecommunications company."

The new brand, launched last week, "is a shift towards closer to Timor Telecom of its customers," said Manuel Amaro, CEO of TT. "It honours the commitment, innovation and effort in Timor Telecom's strategy, growth and development of communications services in our country for the benefit of the Timorese population."

With the new image, TT is much closer to the people, culture and country, asserting itself as a young, modern and innovative Timorese company. The blue was chosen because it´s "a cheerful and bright colour, symbolizing the bright future of the company and its customers."

Rock Alegre


5 do Oriente bass player, baixista 5 do Oriente

Diocese Band drummers, baterista Diocese

Rock Alegre drummers, baterista Rock Alegre

The crowd, O público

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