Saturday, 09 December 2023
New sites in border areas - Mobile network coverage in total growing
Thursday, 29 July 2010 02:29

The first half of 2010 ends with the implementation of eight new sites. Noteworthy is the improvement of coverage in border areas and the opening of the 3G network in Los Palos and Oecussi. Until the end of the year are planned four new sites.

Uato Carbau, and Baguia Naunili (Iliomar) have now mobile coverage since last June, while Uato Lari, Aliembata and Hatubuilico are the latest areas of deployment of towers. Laga and Lospalos have better coverage with a new tower of 30 and 50 meters, respectively.

However, there has been more growth in the border areas such as districts of Covalima / Suai and Bobonaro. The effort to improve service is evident in Tiliomar (covering the subdistricts of Tiliomar and Fohorem) Alto Lebos (covering the subdistrict of Fatu Lulik in Covalima / Suai subdistrict and Lolotoe Bobonaro).

Again in the border areas, four new sites are planned by the end of 2010. Oesilo (border southeast), Nitibe (southwest border) Passabe (southern border) and Citrana (western border). Only Sacatar (border) will be ready next year.

The 3G network has also been expanding and after Dili, Baucau, Gleno and Aileu, Los Palos and Oecussi will also be activated in the upcoming days. By the end of the year all district capitals will be covered by 3G, as well as the inauguration of the Internet Community Centers, starting in mid August in Maubara.