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Timor Telecom launches TT Elite Athletes Team
Sunday, 24 March 2013 01:19
Timor Telecom´s Presence in Athletics and Cycling modalities

Timor Telecom launches TT Elite Athletes Team and gives kick-sporting year for 2013

In an action unprecedented and unique, Timor Telecom (TT) features the team of TT Elite Athletes, a group of sportsmen and women formed by the best and most promising modalities of Timorese athletes in Athletics and Cycling.

TT has decided to start this strategic sponsorship to young athletes, aiming to diversify and consolidate its presence in sport, apart from football. The TT Elite Athletes  team has Augusto Ramos Soares and Juventina Napoleon, both are Olympic athletes in Marathon, and António Martins, Jacinto Da Costa, José Araújo and Orlando Da Costa, in the National Cycling Team.

Modality Elite TT      TT Elite Athlete
Athletics Augusto Ramos Soares
Juventina Napoleão
Cycling António Martins
Jacinto Da Costa
José Araújo
Orlando Da Costa

The TT Elite Athletes is a solid team of young Timorese athletes with strong potential and recognized in the international arena that TT associates in its strategy to support those that reflect the talent, perseverance, creativity, effectiveness, the value and competitiveness. With this strategy, TT aims to encourage the sport at national level, also helping to bring the world the name of the best, creating a network of "ambassadors" of the brand they represent the colors of Timor abroad.

Timor Telecom supports the Football Federation of Timor-Leste
Sunday, 24 March 2013 00:47
Four years sponsoring the National Football Team

Timor Telecom supports the Football Federation of Timor-Leste

Timor Telecom (TT), has signed a sponsorship contract with Timor-Leste National Football Team for the next 4 years. Until February 2016, TT is the official sponsor of the National Team.

The sponsorship is part of a consolidated strategy to promote the country nationally and internationally, and on the other hand, to emotionally associate TT to a cause that naturally unites all Timorese.

This sponsorship includes the support for Timor-Leste national football teams - A Selection, Selection under-23, under-21, under-19, under-16, under-14, under-12, Women and Futsal - that will participate in the coming years in various national and international competitions, most notably the national Football League, Asian Games, Sea Games and the World Cup.

The FFTL President, Francisco Kalbuadi Lay, and on behalf of the Executive Committee of FFTL says: "TT has pledged to help the civil society, and not just for making profits, but trying to help the development of sports, especially football, in Timor-Leste, and also have helped to promote Timor-Leste´s tourism  abroad. "

TT is a company committed to the development of society in its various dimensions and to support the Football Federation of Timor-Leste, fulfills the objective of strengthening national values​​, supporting Football, the King sport of Timor-Leste.

TT is closer to its customer with new tariffs and equipment and 18 stores across the country
Sunday, 24 March 2013 00:18
Ten years of history and a look into the future …

TT is closer to its customer with new tariffs and equipment and 18 stores across the country

  • Launch of the first tariff without obligation;
  • Diversification and segmentation of tariff options;
  • Democratization of Internet access on all equipment;
  • Significant reduction in prices of tariff plans and post-paid;
  • Most innovative solutions and services;
  • Network of most sophisticated shops and with a significant presence across the country.

Committed to the development of society in Timor-Leste in its various dimensions, Timor Telecom (TT) has launched the first tariff without obligation, the Toke Livre, anchored in a new portfolio of services and facilities and a network of 18 stores nationwide. With more diversified global offer and a stronger presence in Timor-Leste, TT assumes a new position, channeling its mature and organizational experience to a more closer degree with each Timorese persons.

In terms of voice tariffs, TT currently integrates the highest offer ever, more targeted and appropriate to the needs of different use of telecommunications in Timor-Leste. In the new TT's portfolio stands out from the Toke Livre logo, which does not require downloads and provides a sharp drop calls whenever they are verified (eg, 15 cents / min to 9 cents / min). Being a family and friends oriented, TT offers the service TT Amigos, with a 50% discount, after 1st minute for three numbers to choose from. Thinking of the younger ones, TT will soon launch Diak, a community service that focuses calls, SMS and data between clients with the same tariff. Also a logical segment of the offer, the service will be launched TT Fun, minute packages for prepaid that will serve as additive to the customers with a more intensive use of the phone.

Aiming to democratize access to data, TT now allows customers to connect to the Internet via mobile phones, with $ 0.04 per MB by default on every tariff. We also recently launched the Mobile Internet Packs for pre and post-paid (between 1 and 30USD, with a proportional validity between 2 and 30 days). Soon there will be news in the provision of Mobile Broadband, with discounts 50%. In equipment, stands at 45% reduction in the value of Mobile Broadband 3G cards, which went from 45 USD to 25 USD.

Additionally, the portfolio of TT presents a more competitive options, especially in voice prepaid plans a decline of almost 60% of calls with the latest pricing, the Toke Livre (from $ 0.21 to $ 0.09) in postpaid plans a reduction of 45% on calls within the TT network (from $ 0.18 to $ 0.10) and on the SMS, a significant decline in price (from $ 0.08 to $ 0.06 in pre- paid, and $ 0.07 to $ 0.06 in post-paid). There are also on the new TT services recharge turbo, 5 and 10 extra minutes of talk time (3 USD to 7 USD, respectively).

To enrich the set of innovative services recently launched, highlighting the Kredit Lai allowing to talk at some point even without credit and has been well received in the market, the TT is committed to creating other solutions that translate to an asset to the customer. Shortly, TT customers can receive alerts on their phone with the latest news and information direct links to the social networks, anytime, anywhere.

The TT terminal offer is also being expanded and refined, in order to accompany the most avant-garde technology trends. Currently, TT offers a portfolio of equipment to suit all telecommunications tastes and levels of consumption - high, medium and low ranges - among which include everything from the most basic phones to smartphones and tablets such as iPhone 4, the Samsung Galaxy Note, iPad 3, among others.

The diversification of TT offer is anchored in a fundamental pillar for a telecommunications company: its network distribution and the level of customer relations. Over the past few months, TT has opened three stores in Dili (two in the Timor Plaza Hotel and one in Hotel Timor) and remodeled the stores in the capital such as in Audian and Landmark and the districts of Baucau, Manatuto and Gleno. By the end of February, will reopen the stores in Lospalos and Maliana and, by the second half of 2013, the remaining stores will be remodeled in the districts of Aileu, Ainaro, Liquica, Oecusse, Same, Suai and Viqueque. In total, TT has a network of distribution of 18 stores (six in Dili and another twelve in district capitals), marking the presence throughout the map of Timor-Leste.

Recalling that TT, to celebrate its ten years of activity, launched a campaign of recharge credits with attractive prizes, within which were recently raffled bikes among its customers with recharges greater than 1USD, and at the last phase of the campaign was awarded a car. Also to mark the 10th Anniversary, TT associated itself with the area of music and promoted the first music festival for TT, TT TOKE Rock, where several local bands marked their presence, showing that Timor Telecom supports and promote and disseminate music and Timorese culture.

Telecommunications Operator for Landline and Mobile Network in Timor-Leste with ten years of history, TT walked in tandem with all Timorese from the first moment of its foundation in 2002, adapting technology as a facilitator in the lives of its more than 600,000 customers and simultaneously promoting communication as an essential agent of approach and contact between all Timorese.
Timor Telecom (TT) celebrates its tenth anniversary
Saturday, 23 March 2013 22:54
Timor Telecom (TT) celebrates its tenth anniversary

TT launches innovative initiatives for its customers

10 Years of History

The Telecommunications operator for Landline and mobile Network of Timor-Leste emerged almost from scratch after nearly 75% of infrastructure were destroyed in September 1999, after the announcement of the results of the popular consultation that gave legitimacy to the will of the Timorese people to become a free and independent country. In 2001, still under the auspices of UNTAET (UN administration), it launched an international tender for the construction of a Telecommunications system for Timor-Leste under BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer). In July 2002, the Timor Telecom consortium (promoted by Portugal Telecom) won the bid, and signed the respective Concession Agreement between Timor Telecom and the State of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste. On 17th of October the Timor Telecom consortium become officially as Timor Telecom, SA - First Corporation to be formed in the country. On 1st of March 2003, Timor Telecom starts its operations (Dili Los Palos, Baucau and Oecusse).

After 10 years, Timor Telecom is a dynamic and solid company that has surpassed various challenges and that has always accompanied the Timorese people on its way from the Restoration of Independence.

Many were the events that marked the history of Timor Telecom. In a brief summary may be listed the 10 major chronological events that consolidated the path of TT for a prosperous future and the desire to do more and better.
  • On 17th of October 2002, after the signing of the Concession Contract between the Timor Telecom and the state of RDTL and concluded in July 2002, Timor Telecom is born as the first public limited company and operator of Telecommunications in Timor-Leste.
  • On 1st of March 2003, TT starts operating in Timor-Leste with its first own network and country code (+670).
  • In 2004 it inaugurated the telecommunications network in the island of Atauro.
  • 2005 - Opening the stores in Maliana, Suai and Oecusse.
  • In 2006 about 50 thousand customers already had access to the mobile service. Also the first phonebook in the country was published.
  • In 2007 it launched the voice mail service and publication of Yellow Pages TL.
  • In 2008, TT has reached 125 000 customers of the mobile network and at the end of the year, the first recharge card of $ 1USD.
  • In 2009 it launched the Internet broadband service and Net Bot comes the new switch and intelligent network platform to telecommunications service in Timor-Leste.
  • 2010 saw the launch of the new logo (Toke), the launch of the portal SAPO TL and even the emergence of fiber optic network in the city of Dili.
  • In 2011 the hundredth BTS site service or service from the mobile network.
  • 2012 signed the agreement between the State of Timor-Leste and Timor Telecom for the early termination of the concession contract signed in 2002.

Investment in information society in TL:

Since its birth, the TT has invested about USD 103 million for the development of telecommunications infrastructure, having demonstrated over these 10 years that it is at the forefront of technologies, adapting them to the needs of its customers. All this effort is reflected quantitatively using the following numbers:
  • Number of customers - 632,500 mobile network and internet
  • Coverage of the population - about 92% coverage with mobile network and internet
  • Number of sites operating in 2G and 3G - 139 (2G) and 64 (3G)
  • JRC's (Internet Community Center) - 29 already installed in partnership with religious institutions, national entrepreneurs, the National Youth Council of Timor-Leste.
  • In addition to the CCIs, Timor Telecom, as part of its social responsibility policy, has sponsored free internet in various organizations such as the Presidency of the Republic, the UNTL, UNPAZ, IOB, Department of Youth Catholic from the Dioceses of Dili and Baucau , STAE, CNE, Vocational Training Centre St. Peter Comoro, the Youth Vision Foundation of Timor-Leste and the Ahisaun Foundation and maintains a Cooperation Protocol with the Resistance Museum Archive.

Highly qualified Human Resources:

Timor Telecom employs directly 275 workers, indirectly, has more than 1000 persons as service providers in the areas of security, distribution and authorized agents. There is a strong commitment to youth: the average age of direct employees is 35 years. More than 69% of workers in Timor Telecom have a higher academic level. Regarding the remuneration of workers, the TT offers unique career conditions in Timor-Leste, and is considered one of the reference employers in the country, with a strong focus on specialized technical training of its employees and a package of social benefits exemplary in Timor-Leste.

The social commitment in TL:

Timor Telecom is a company committed to the development of society in its various dimensions. As such, Timor Telecom has supported various initiatives such as the publication of books or authors Timorese on East Timor, artistic and cultural activities, sports activities, social activities and humanitarian law, including the Tour de Timor, Festival Ramelau, International Fishing Atauro and, Dili City of Peace Marathon, among others.

Timor Telecom is one of the largest taxpayers in the country:

Since the beginning of its activity Timor Telecom, just in taxes, which have contributed to the state RDTL has raised approximately USD 45 million in taxes. These figures do not include money given to the state by way of dividends, resulting from your participation as a shareholder of Timor Telecom.

With a look in the future:

In celebrating 10 years of history, Timor Telecom has its eyes on the future, in the constant renewal of business and technological innovation to better serve their customers. Thus, under the celebrations of the tenth anniversary of the TT, a series of initiatives was launched in order to offer products and services that meet customer needs:
  • Social Action delivery of computers
  • Opening of new stores
  • Launch of tariff for family
  • Launch of tariff for youth
  • Even more competitive price for voice calls
  • Launch of special conditions for businesses
  • Launch of new innovative services
  • New Broadband tariff
  • Terminal equipment for all
  • Special Campaign in the 10 years of TT with attractive prizes

More than seven thousand ran for peace in Dili Marathon II
Monday, 27 June 2011 20:10
More than seven thousand ran for peace in Dili Marathon II

More than seven thousand athletes participated in Dili Marathon II, which brought together athletes, politicians, diplomats and people in general to sports festival, promoted by the President to affirm peace and stability.

With the patronage of Timor Telecom, the Kenyan Sammy Kiptoo won the second edition of Dili Marathon / City of Peace with 2 hours, 20 minutes and six seconds, beating the record held by his compatriot Philimon Rotich last year, with two hours, 34 minutes and 57 seconds, during the previous edition.

Sammy Kipto was happy with his performance, describing the contest as "very difficult" because of the high temperatures and the slope of some sections of the route.

Augusto Ramos Soares, the best Timorese, was also very happy, finish the marathon with 2h31:54, his best time.

"The contest was ok. I was feeling pretty good during the marathon and I was with a good pace," said Augusto Soares, who will be one of the four East Timorese athletes selected to be in the "New York City Marathon", this November in USA.

The others are Juventina Gonçalves, the best on women´s category and winner of last year, Calisto da Costa (ranked third this year with a time of 2:34:54) and Lola Gama (3:10 am: 47), as Dili marathon helped them to prepare those four athletes for the Olympic Games in London in 2012.

See below the “blue ocean” in Dili.

PT asks the Timorese Government to sensitize Indonesia regarding to submarine cable
Thursday, 07 April 2011 23:24
PT asks the Timorese Government to sensitize Indonesia regarding to submarine cable

The CEO of PT Zeinal Bava, asks the Timorese Government to be more involved in persuading Indonesia to provide a submarine cable connection in order to offer faster and cheaper Internet to East Timor.

"We ask for a combination of wider efforts, not only from Portugal Telecom [PT] and Timor Telecom, but also support within the government, because it is a strategic imperative for Timor," he said.

Zeinal Bava has been in Dili for a business trip, to celebrate the Timor Telecom´s 500,000 customers, and said that the company owned by PT "is more than 50 percent timorese" and the proposals commitments during 2009 were all achieved.

"When we look in terms of TT it must be remembered that it is a timorese company as well.”

Besides the entire support of Timor-Leste State and local entrepreneurs, there is also an indirect support of Fundação São José (Diocese of Baucau). Its success comes not only from the contribution of operational project that PT did, but also from the timorese investment.

As he explained to journalists, the increase of debt, improving service quality and reducing Internet prices, essential to popularize the information in Timor-Leste, it is vital the submarine cable, instead of using only the satellite.
Portuguese athletes win in all categories of Dili RunBike
Thursday, 03 February 2011 03:19

The Portuguese athletes won in all categories in "RunBike Dili” contest, which was played under intense heat and humidity in the high topography of East Timor.

Nelson Silva was the outstanding winner of the mountain (premium Timor Telecom), managing to reach the first place in the individual ranking, followed by fellow Portuguese Carlos Cardoso. Costa Jacinto, among the Timorese athletes, was the one with the best performance, ranked third in the individual overall.

In ladies category, also the Portuguese Mónica Vieira was the winner, placing second Krista Harsha from New Zealand and Mirth Hiemitra from USA, in the third position. Regarding to tag-team, GNR group got more points, followed by the team of the Defence Force of Timor-Leste (F-FDTL).

Altogether 140 athletes competed in 12 different nationalities, with about 19 kilometers on bike, mostly mountain routes with steep slopes, heat and high humidity, and little more than eight kilometer race walk along the sea.

A the end, Nelson Silva was satisfied: "I enjoyed the race, despite the difficulties on the first step. "

Zeinal Bava guarantees the PR and East Timorese Prime Minister more investment in the country
Tuesday, 14 December 2010 02:31

The Portugal Telecom´s CEO, Zeinal Bava, met on 29 November with the President and Prime Minister of Timor-Leste to ensure that Timor Telecom (TT) will invest to provide the country with reference to telecommunications area in the region.

"I came mainly to reaffirm the commitment of Timor Telecom and Portugal Telecom as a strategic shareholder, that we will continue to invest, to enable East Timor with the most competitive infrastructure in the region concerning to telecommunications" said Zeinal Bava to Lusa agency, at the end of audience with the President.

According to the CEO, the one day trip that brought him to Timor-Leste has also "confirmed the development and progress that Timor Telecom has done. TT has invested heavily in this market," about 29 percent of revenues.

"We have increased significantly 2G mobile coverage and 86 percent of the Timorese population has access to mobile phone, with a multiplicity of rates." said.

Considering Timor Telecom "a strategic asset", Zeinal recalled that, despite East Timor's economy improvement, " when Timor had a lack of investment, PT and a group of local partners took the initiative and risks, when, at that time, other companies did not consider the interesting and attractive market. "

Timor Telecom “is an excellent example of a partnership with local investors. PT has a significant stake in this partnership, which brings management in telecommunications field, but this management is based on a clear commitment that we made on Timorese resources. Most of our staff is local and we are committed in their training and to be led by people of Timor, "he said.

According to the press release, by the end of this year, 7.5 percent of the Timorese population will have Internet access (about 80 000 users), and aim to double this figure for 2011.

"At the end of 2011 we estimate that in 15 percent of the population, East Timor will be one of the countries of greatest penetration in the region, compared with 13.5 of the Fiji Islands or 8.7 percent of Indonesia, which is very important because the Internet opens the doors of knowledge and will increase the level of education and training of people, "he said.

In September www.sapo.tl portal was launched for the first time in a bilingual version (Tetum and Portuguese), "to promote the use of Internet and broadband boost with multimedia content sites, while also helping to promote the consolidation of Portuguese , as a national language in East Timor. "

In the mobile area, 40 percent of the population uses the services provided by Timor Telecom (33 percent in 2009), and the company is expecting to reach 470,000 customers at the end of the year and coverage in all 13 district capitals, it means 86 percent of the population.
Friday, 26 November 2010 21:03

Timor Telecom (TT) has won the tender for Timor-Leste National Connectivity Project (NCP), a more than 1,5 million dollar business, which will connect public services in the several districts of the country to the Internet, so has announced the company today.

TT, a company participated by Portugal Telecom, has submitted a bid of USD 1,699,000 (around EUR 1,243,570), which was the lowest of the second phase of the NCPII competition and the best tender as for technical solutions.

The conforming agreement was signed by TT’s CEO Luís Capitão Amaro and the Minister of Infrastructure, Pedro Lay, on the 16th of the current month. According to the company, the service should be operating in January 2011.

NCP first project competition (the National Connectivity Project), which TT, competing with DataBridge and Telkom Indonesia, had also made a bid for, had been won by the Indonesian telecommunication company.

In order to widen Internet coverage in the districts and improve the system, Timorese Government launched a new NCP, planned in two phases, both won by Timor Telecom.

As a result of the new competition, which aims at the creation of a convergent data, voice and video network for the Government, in all district capitals, Timor Telecom is now responsible for ensuring Internet access and connectivity, taking it over from Telkom Indonesia.

TT’s proposal is not only to replace the service in the districts included in NCPI but also to extend the network to Lautem (Los Palos), Viqueque, Manatuto, Aileu, Same, Ainaro and Suai districts, as well as to offer new internet and intranet services.

With NCP, Timor-Leste Government aims at a special network which links all Government institutions, departments and schools, throughout the whole country.

The implementation of NCPII comprises procurement and installation of hardware and software, national Internet backbone connectivity (NIBC), district-level distribution networks (DLDN) and service-level agreement (SLA).

Signing of the Addendum to the Protocol signed on August 1st, 2009 between STAE and Timor Telecom
Friday, 26 November 2010 20:58

On 28th October 2010, Mr. Tomas Cabral, Director of STAE, met with the Chief Executive Officer of Timor Telecom, Eng. Manuel Manuel Capitão Amaro and the Communication and Public Relations Adviser, Mr. Manuel Cárceres da Costa, at the Timor Telecom HQ, in order to proceed with the signing of the addendum to the protocol of cooperation signed on August 1st, 2009.

The addendum provides support in terms of telecommunications, expressed by Timor Telecom STAE since the election of Suco Chiefs, took place on October 9th, 2009.

At the signing ceremony, the managing director of Timor Telecom stressed that STAE can count on the continued support of Timor Telecom. He also mentioned, that “Timor Telecom hopes to give good expectations for the country and to the Timorese government.”

STAE Director Mr. Tomas Cabral stressed the importance of collaboration between STAE and Timor Telecom, noting that STAE hopes to have the support of Timor Telecom in the preparation and implementation of the general elections that will occur in Timor-Leste in the year 2012.

The strengthened cooperation between the two institutions, will allow access to information related to STAE by the political parties and the community in general.

As a the result of this meeting it was expressed by Timor Telecom's Manager Director that the company is prepared to give all necessary support for the general elections of 2012.

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